GloBug lighting systems are portable lightweight lights that illuminate to distances in excess of 150 feet, and are ideal for shedding light on parties, weddings and other special events as well as construction job sites. Best of all, the light is glare-free, 360 degrees.

GloBugs are offered as a stand-alone unit, or with a cart for an optional generator. The lighting systems have maximum mast heights of 13 feet (3.9 meters) and 16 feet (5 meters), respectively, and come standard with a water-resistant balloon.

Optional drum and reflector balloon packages are also available.

The balloons can be customized with colors and messages to suit individual user preference.

The standard GloBug, with optional generator, weighs 243 pounds (110 kilograms). It features a quick disconnect power cable, lifting hook for easy transportation and pneumatic tires. Safety features include a parking brake, safety winch and internal ballast. This light tower can be powered by most 2.9kW generators.

The stand-alone GloBug Solo is fitted with five counterweighted outriggers for stabilization. For increased illumination, its three-stage mast comes extension pole.

The power requirement for both lighting systems is 120 VAC, 60Hz at 9.5 amps. They also come standard with a protective canvas cover to protect the GloBug when it is not in use.

LED or metal halide lamps provides the glare-free illumination.