1200W LED, 4-Spotlight Projection Lighting, Cart Mounted w/5-stage mast assembly

The GB43LED GloBug 4-Spot LED Light Tower is the ultimate portable lighting source when compact and efficient lighting is required. The small footprint allows transportation of several units in small delivery vehicles. No tools are required to adjust the lamps for quick deployment. The GB43LED produces 152,000 lumens of clear, crisp LED lighting. (shown with optional portable generator)

A compact 3.6" x 3.5" footprint permits ease of transportation and storage.

Four-stage mast extends up to 17.1 feet
40,000 hour lamp service life
Lifting hook for easy transport
Immediate strike/re-strike operations
Shatter resistant lamp lenses
Industrial mechanical safety winch
Each 300W lamp can be set to multiple directions
Industrial zinc-plated steel cart with off-road puncture-proof tiresType your paragraph here.

The ideal lighting solution for construction projects and night time events



800W LED, Diffuser Balloon Light, Cart Mounted w/3-stage mast assembly

The ideal combinaion of the innovative GB8LED GloBug supported by an industrial grade cart for easy transportation and operational flexibility! The Steerable cart sets up without tools, includes a 3-stage air assited mast assembly and provides the perfect platform to safely secure a selected portable generator for off-site lighting applications. (unit shown with an optional portable generator)

Steerable cart design for easy transportation - sets up without tools; easy to maneuver.
LED lighting offers superior color rendering, instant strike times, less heat signatures, long life and reduces overall operating costs.
Universally adaptable to all AC power supplies - accepts 50/60Hz, 115V.
Optional illuminance settings - 3-stage dimming controls (400W, 600W, 800W)
Cart is industrially designed with zinc plated surfaces for corrosion resistance
Three-stage mast - extends up to 10.5 ft.
The cart outriggers provide great stabilization
System can easily be broken down and placed in the bed of a truck.
Light coverage up to 132 feet.Type your paragraph here.


2,400W, Diffused Balloon LED Light Tower mounted on towable trailer

The GBX24BK Balloon LED GloBug Light Tower is one of the most powerful and compact mobile diffused lighting systems in the industry. The unique 2400 W LED balloon lamp provides 360° dominant glare-free lighting over 225 ft and 399,000 lumen. The unit is powered by the poular and efficient EPA/CARB certified KUBOTA Z482 diesel engine that provides an operating time of 140 hours. The easy raise/lower vertical mast assembly extends to a max height of 27 ft and has a stowage height of 7.6 ft. The trailer frame is DOT/NHSTA approved and has forklifft pockets and four adjustable jack stands. 

2400W LED Balloon Lamp  
Circular glare-free lighting over 225’ 
Exceptional 399,000 lumen output 
Lighting rated at 5,700 Kelvin  
Multi-sectional aluminum vertical mast – for strength and corrosion resistance 
Easy mechanical raise/lower system 
45 Gallon fuel capacity provides 140 operating hours of light 
Powered by a trusted and highly efficient KUBOTA Z482 diesel engine 
Four adjustable jack stands to ensure level stability 
Wind limitations to 45 MPHVVType your paragraph here.