The Multiquip GBC/GBCE Lighting System is a general purpose floodlight tower intended for emergency and remote lighting needs. It is universally adaptable to all AC power supplies and accepts 50/60 Hz, 100-240 V. The GBC/GBCE uses a single 1,000 watt lamp with pure white light for maximum illumination with a light coverage of up to 150 feet. The standard balloon (GBP) that comes with the GBC/GBCE provides 360° glarefree illumination. The balloon is self-inflating and easy to install and inflate in less than 20 seconds. The GBC/GBCE has a three-stage mast that extends to a height of up to 12 feet. It has a steerable cart design for easy transportation. Three outriggers on the cart ensures great stabilization. (GBCE includes an additional 35-inch extension pole). The GBC/GBCE can be powered by a variety of generators with an output power of 1.7 kW or greater. If an extension cord is necessary to connect to a power source, refer to Table 3 to select the proper length. Table 3. Extension Cord.